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Buskerfest 2015: Tall Walls (From the Vault)

Originally Published on September 9, 2015.


I've been grappling with the idea of starting a series showcasing things I was digging in my hometown of Long Beach, Calif. For the longest time I had my intentions set on leaving Southern California and starting anew elsewhere...but how could I run away from a place I hadn't taken the time to get acquainted with? Over the past year I've been working on developing a sense of localism and it's completely gifted me with a newer perspective. Every road leads to a different neighborhood, some breathtaking and others a bit rougher around the edges. However, there is a certain electricity that runs through the air and a sense of community that never gets lost, no matter how far you wander off.

As the first installment in this series, I present to you the winners of Buskerfest 2015-- Tall Walls.

Buskerfest is an ode to the hardworking musicians who take to the streets to belt their souls into songs as they "busker" or entertain those passing by. Organized by Summer and Music, local bands competed on flatbed trucks for wooden nickels from event attendees.

The sun was high and in the eyes of the crowd as they huddled to see Tall Walls take the Elm Stage and once the tunes started to roll out, the fun began. The Tall Walls trio consists of Daniel Perkins, Bobby Escobar and Jay Penev. Joining them on the Buskerfest stage was MOVE vocalist and writer Greggory Moore as well as Vanessa Acosta and Alanah Ntzouras. The band was the third group of the evening to play onstage and managed to gather a large upbeat crowd to shower them with wooden nickels despite the early showtime.

Having followed Penev's work as a former member of Fathers & Suns, I was excited to see what this new musical endeavor would offer listeners. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

On their website, the band describes itself as "what Buddy Holly would have sounded like if he listened to The Ramones and became increasingly socioeconomically and environmentally-aware." With tunes like "Government Boy" and "1000 Plastic Bottles," Tall Walls songs' are thought provoking, catchy and dance worthy.

For more about upcoming shows, music, and related info. make sure to like the Tall Walls Facebook page (click here) and check out their site at www.tallwalls.bandcamp.com