Under the Rosemary

Incomplete at Salvation Mountain

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Originally published on January 26, 2017.

It's been a location that I bookmarked on my browser years ago. It's also one that I binge pin the heck out of on Pinterest. Oh, Salvation Mountain. The "mountain" was made by Leonard Knight as a tribute to God and I've always been fascinated by the idea of adobe clay splattered with paint and biblical quotes. It took us so long to meet, but our first encounter was kind of underwhelming.

Salvation Mountain was part of a spontaneous day trip to the Joshua Tree area. We carefully set out in the morning showers and I watched as the rain clouds disappeared from sight in my rearview mirror. The three hour drive was beautiful -  land was bare, we practically had the highway lanes to ourselves, and the Salton Sea shimmered as we drove alongside it. As we pulled into the mountain's parking lot, there were two thoughts that surfaced in my mind:

"It's so colorful!" and "This looks a lot smaller than the photos online..." 

But at least I could explore inside the mountain, right? No. It was closed, likely because of the rainy weather.

Yes, maybe I set myself up for disappointment when I decided to add this place to my day adventures itinerary in January. But aren't injections of spontaneity in one's life supposed to be worthwhile? I got to photograph to my heart's content and observe the intrigued looks illuminating the faces of other visitors. Beside me were friends who posed for silly photos and kept the laughter going. Despite their eye rolls and prodding of my strange interests, I also walked away with a lovely collection of memories captured off camera too.

HOWEVER, I am definitely going back. Didn't see that one coming, did you? My trip was incomplete - I will see the inside of Salvation Mountain. I know I won't be successful in dragging the original Salvation Goons (disclaimer: I just dubbed us that a few seconds ago, it was not an official name adopted by anyone) so I'm glad I have a repertoire of other friends who are also fascinated by the absolute wacky and weird things I can't stop repinning on Pinterest.