Under the Rosemary

Welcome to a New Era

Photo by  Jordan Daniels .

Photo by Jordan Daniels.

It finally feels like the pieces of my digital life are aligning with a vision I've had tucked away for too long. Welcome to a new era for Under the Rosemary! 

The need for this fresh start was rooted in compatibility. The platform I used before simply couldn't support the vision I had for Under the Rosemary. Making blog posts alone came with numerous glitches and there was no way I could showcase new projects in a manner that was easy to navigate for my supporters. It was time to bite the bullet and invest in a better website. It was time to invest in me.

I've silenced all of the story ideas I've had roaming in my head with promises that they would come to life soon. It's a huge relief that the word I've been repeating for over a year can be replaced with "now." These ideas span from a series of personal essays on mental health to exploring other themes through audio and video pieces. I'm ecstatic to be a HUGE step closer to hitting the "publish" button.

Until I do make those items public, I would like to encourage you to continue exploring this website. Among the pages you'll find are samples of my work listed under "Portfolio." This allows me to share with you glimpses of my work outside of the realm of self-publishing that I have been fortunate enough to create. Another sense of pride is found on the "Photography" page, which is dedicated to a budding passion of mine. It's been such a humbling experience to share an hour with someone and watch as they get more comfortable in front of camera and in their own skin during a session. (I've included information on how to book a session for my friends in the Southern California area!)

Before you venture off into exploring this site or your other Internet-browsing-duties, I of course want to thank you in the great deal of patience and kind messages you've sent my way. A handful of folks knew about my quest to reboot Under the Rosemary and were so supportive throughout the pre-launch phase. Now that it's here, I hope to make y'all proud and create a space where we can authentically be ourselves and exchange ideas.

Here's to us. 

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