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Timeless with 1907 Bridal

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Location: Old Town Orange | Client: 1907 Bridal

Model: Natasha Overin | Makeup: Oh Mai Glam | Photography: Sylvana Uribe and Jordan Daniels

Jordan and I were asked to photograph pieces for 1907 Bridal, a shop owned and operated by our friend/mentor/all-around-rad-human Jennifer Newton. Newton's slight wedding obsession has led to the restoration and repurposing of vintage dresses and accessories the modern bride can adopt through 1907 Bridal. She and vintage couture/wedding specialist Stacia Morton have rescued numerous items and curated a timeless collection to make the big day all the more memorable. 

This was the first time in which I participated in a shoot revolving around a product (aside from food), so the pressure to not f*&% it up loomed over my head.  This shoot came a day after a huge work event in which sleep was little to none and stress had been in abundance. To only make matters more difficult, my camera decided to die the morning of the shoot. (Well, it didn't really die. Just a broken light meter.)

I settled upon taking the role of Jordan's assistant for the day, but the itch to be behind the viewfinder was overwhelming. The arrangement was one in which I scouted for angles and slowly worked my way toward outstretched fingers asking for a few minutes to shoot with Jordan's gear. 

I was floored by the final images I captured. As I combed through these images, it silently marked the start of giving myself permission to be more confident in experimenting with photography and convert looming pressure into a source of motivation. And oh, I can't wait to edit photos from the shoots I've played with since this one. 

Thank you for placing your trust in me, Jen!