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Nostalgic for Kauai


I'm always running on Sylvana time and so of course, here we are a year-ish later after these pics were taken in Kauai. This post emerged out of a time of reflection and serves as an ode to two souls who just celebrated a year together as husband and wife. Enjoy!


We were 20 minutes away from landing when the woman in my row introduced herself. Her name escapes my memory. We had been separated by a vacant seat between us for the entirety of the flight, something neither of us minded. 

I shared the bare minimum in my introduction: I was a student, first time visitor to the island and no, I wasn't on Spring Break but rather traveling to see my friends get married. Her face lit up as she asked if the bride and groom were on the flight. They were not.

She had a house out on the North Shore (wherever that was) and split her time between Kauai and Santa Barbara. Her daughter lived on the island where she was recognized for her wood carving abilities by locals and tourists. 

What struck me the most were conversations involving her husband. She was a widow. Her husband departed this world less than five years prior, but she kept the home on the island that they had both wanted. She looked out the window as if peering into another dimension, one in which I too could see her husband as she described what brought them to the island. As the story neared its end, my heart grew heavy knowing she had to continue forward without him. She, however, maintained a slight smile on her face as if drawing comfort from her visit to a time in which he was there and always would be.

Photo by  Naomi Wong.

Photo by Naomi Wong.

Going to Hawaii was a dream I didn't think I would accomplish before the age of 40. But when the now Mr. and Mrs. Piper asked if I wanted to join them and their families to witness them tie the knot, the answer was an immediate yes. I honestly don't have the words for it, but I've always admired the Pipers when it comes to love and partnership. How would I voluntarily miss seeing two people I cared about come together and commit forever?


Kauai was a complete cleanse for my soul. It came at a time where emotionally I wasn't doing too well, but all that was wrong was forgotten within 24 hours. I was in paradise wading through clear waters and shuffling through the sand everyday. Any and all qualms from back home seemed minuscule by comparison. 

I suppose this is the point where I allow myself to fall completely into the rabbit hole in pursuit of the words and feelings that would capture my time in Hawaii. But I could extract word after word and still fail to string together the treasured memories I have of this place. And that's ok. Hawaii came at a time when my soul needed peace. I like to think I got that and fail to say more on the matter. I'll just have to carry on like most other humans and carry the meaning of that experience in my being... or whatever. 


As we all know, I'm terrible at conclusions so please enjoy a few snippets of what nourished my soul in paradise.

Island Life

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The Wedding

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